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Web Design

At MindWeb, we make sure your business is never ignored. We personalize your web image to ensure visibility of interest to your potential customers . Be ahead of your competitors.

Our websites are developed to include a content management system, customized to meet the needs of each profile of our customers .

Every website created by our design team works seamlessly on mobile devices, thanks to our coding and responsive design technologies.

Our websites are optimized for SEO : complete optimization of your site’s indexing, SEO and ranking for search engines.

Web Development

We create sites optimized for speed and easy to update (if you wish). You can change titles, swap out images, and even add new pages whenever you want with a smart content management system. We give you all the tools and training you need to keep your site up to date.

We only build sites that work and look great on any screen, iOS or Android. We’re not building a dozen different sites or apps – we’re building one that reshapes itself to fit the device.

Your site is an extension of your brand, and when something goes wrong, you look bad. There are always a few issues with launching a new site, but we thoroughly test all conditions in a live environment before actually releasing your site to the public.

Consulting and Strategy

Your visual identity goes hand in hand with your brand story to create a cohesive image for customers and prospects.

From an initial brand audit to a full-scale brand identity, we help you define and develop the look that will be the focal point of all your marketing communications across all your platforms.

Is there a tougher design challenge than squeezing an entire company into one memorable graphic? Yes, after years of experience and teamwork, we have developed a collaborative and iterative approach that results in iconic logos for our clients.


MindWeb integrates with scalable, industry-leading e-commerce systems including Woocommerce and Shopify.

Integrated SSL secure payment – accept a range of online payments including subscriptions, credit/debit cards and Apple/Android Pay.

Full control over your site, with easy in-house management of your online store.

Integration of advanced statistics tools such as Google Analytics, but simplified by Mindweb, to track user behavior and optimize revenue/conversions.


When it comes to allocating marketing resources, you need a plan. We start with brand, audience and market research. Next, we provide a strategy that will help you achieve your campaign goals and get the best ROI possible.

Forget about ranking for single keywords and focus on increasing traffic for every search relevant to your business. We take a holistic approach to SEO, which means we focus our efforts on tactics that increase your site’s value and search over the long term.

If SEO is the long game, paid search is now. We use Google Adwords to drive traffic to your site that is most likely to drive conversions. Once a campaign is set up, we constantly monitor, test and optimize based on performance.

Site Support

Web standards and best practices change regularly. We ensure that your site is optimized and compliant so that you are rewarded by search engines and continue to provide visitors with a smooth experience. Maintenance applies as much to the digital domain as it does to vehicles.

A stable hosting platform that monitors uptime and detects potential network issues can virtually eliminate site outages and alert you to abnormal activity. If you need a new host for your site, we’ll create one on a secure, easy-to-manage platform.

A big part of protecting your data is simply backing it up. We help you find the best backup solution to prevent you from losing valuable data that belongs to you or your customers. Knowing that you can immediately recover anything that is corrupted or deleted is liberating.

A content management system allows you to make many site updates yourself, but we’re here when you need to add new features or major design changes. A website is a growing and evolving entity and incremental changes help keep it up to date.


We make copy that elevates your brand. We understand that the words we use to describe our brands reflect the essence of who they are and who they are trying to achieve.

Whether you’re looking for website copy that leads to sales, marketing copy that attracts great customers, advertising copy that gets the word out, or public relations copy that changes minds, we have the ability and the expertise to create the perfect copy and share your story with the world.


The difference between art and web design is that you can actually measure impact. As much as we like to create things that look great, we know that the success of a project depends on its performance. We use advanced analytics and conversion optimization to drive results.

Ah if only everything in life could be A/B tested before a decision is made. Should I wear jeans or black pants to this meeting? Pasta or curry for dinner? We perform split testing to get actionable answers about design, advertising, and UI decisions that are in your best interest.

There is a lot to do to make website “performance” invisible. Ideally, pages load instantly, images display properly, and everything runs so smoothly that you don’t notice it. Before that, we go under the hood and test and optimize anything that could lead to slow performance.

Photos and Videos

MindWeb is proud to partner with talented people who love what they do. We love what we do and therefore provide the best possible solutions to help you get set up and grow quickly online. We are your trusted partners you can count on.

As part of the deployment of web design and marketing programs, MindWeb provides high quality video and photography production services. This may include marketing videos, corporate office/staff photography, product photography for e-commerce websites, video/photographic materials for social marketing, etc.